Thursday, January 14, 2016

RIP Alan Rickman 1946-2016 (and David Bowie 1947-2016)

This picture makes a very valid point

2016 is starting off rough. First, on Jan 10th we lost David Bowie. Now, today, we have lost Alan Rickman. I respect David Bowie and all he has done for music and acting and the world in his own right, but I had a deeper love for Alan Rickman (most likely born out of my obsession with Harry Potter).

There was nobody else who could have played Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films. The casting of Alan Rickman in that role was so perfect it was like stars aligning, like a destiny being fulfilled. (okay, so maybe not quite that dramatic, but let's be honest, nobody else could have done better).

But Alan Rickman affected so many people through his career and life. He could play anything, but it was always most fun watching him play the badass villain (I'm looking at you Hans Gruber) or seeing him pull off that sarcastic dry wit (watch pretty much any movie he's been in ever). He had a great career on both the stage and film.

He was a great actor and, more importantly, a great person. It's clear to see in the respect and admiration he showed for his co-stars and co-workers and the respect and admiration they had for him. He would have been one hell of a friend to have. I'm just happy we were blessed to have him in this world as long we did.

With his death--and David Bowie--it really puts into perspective our own mortality. We all are going to die, eventually. Perhaps sooner rather than later. So make the most of the life you have. Do what you want to do, try to live without regrets as much as possible. I think we tend to have a mindset of "one day, I'll do this" or "someday I'll get around to it". I'm as guilty of this as the next person. So, when possible, make one day or someday be today. Love without fear, tell the people you care about that you care about them, let them know what they mean to you. And above all, do whatever it is you want to do, so that when death comes you can look back and be satisfied with the life you lived.

RIP Alan Rickman and David Bowie. May death be the next great adventure.


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Word for Wednesday

Oh man guys, I meant to have this up yesterday. I could make an excuse, but really that's all it would be an excuse. But hey, better one day late than not at all.

So the word of the day yesterday was:

Bogart verb. BOH-gahrt

Definition: 1. bully, intimidate. 2. to use or consume without sharing (via Merriam-Webster)

This word is not to be confused with the boggarts, from Harry Potter, the shape shifting creatures who take the form of that which we fear most. However, Boggarts do bogart us by doing this. (<--see what I did there?)

So, my friends, go forth on your Thursday and please do not be a bogart or a boggart.

^Boggart via