Thursday, January 7, 2016

Word for Wednesday

Oh man guys, I meant to have this up yesterday. I could make an excuse, but really that's all it would be an excuse. But hey, better one day late than not at all.

So the word of the day yesterday was:

Bogart verb. BOH-gahrt

Definition: 1. bully, intimidate. 2. to use or consume without sharing (via Merriam-Webster)

This word is not to be confused with the boggarts, from Harry Potter, the shape shifting creatures who take the form of that which we fear most. However, Boggarts do bogart us by doing this. (<--see what I did there?)

So, my friends, go forth on your Thursday and please do not be a bogart or a boggart.

^Boggart via



  1. "THE BOGGART": by Susan Cooper
    *Centuries old and thousands of miles from home*
    When Emily and Jess Volnik's family inherits a remote, crumbling Scottish castle, they also inherit the Boggart -- an invisible, mischievous spirit who's been playing tricks on residents of Castle Keep for generations. Then the Boggart is trapped in a rolltop desk and inadvertently shipped to the Volniks' home in Toronto, where nothing will ever be the same -- for the Volniks or the Boggart.
    In a world that doesn't believe in magic, the Boggart's pranks wreak havoc. And even the newfound joys of peanut butter and pizza and fudge sauce eventually wear thin for the Boggart. He wants to go home -- but his only hope lies in a risky and daring blend of modern technology and ancient magic.

  2. hmmm....that does sound like an interesting read.